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The World's First Forexverse Ecosystem For Financial World.

With the power of crypto verse & forex verse, we aim to revolutionize the way business users invest & enhance worldwide investors financial education. Metafury community will create true equity at every level and manage their investments in a smarter way.


We Bring True Equity
to the Futureverse

Forex Trading AI BOT

Metafury advanced forex trading AI bot allows users to take advantage of an automatic trading algorithm, which looks for new buy and sell signals when trading currency pairs. Metafury AI BOT can potentially be more profitable than the average human FX trader.

Forexverse Launchpad

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any free market economy. That’s why we welcome and encourage Metaverse entrepreneurs to build their businesses in Metafury by providing access to funding, infrastructure, and mentorship. The result? A more prosperous, innovative, and equitable economy for all.

Metafury Entertainment

Entertainment in the Metaverse goes way beyond escapism. Like all true art forms, creations in the Metaverse open up new opportunities for connection and self-discovery. At Metafury, we are attracting the best and brightest creators by giving them true ownership of their work and an unlimited canvas.

Metafury Charity

We take the environmental impact of blockchain technology seriously. That’s why we’re committed to not only reducing harm, but directly healing the Earth through our ever-increasing charitable contributions. It’s only fair that we share the abundance of Metafury with the Earth we call home.

Metafury DAO

Our plan is for Metafury to evolve into a fully operational DAO once the economy is up and running. The reason why is simple: the Metaverse itself should not – and cannot – be owned by anyone. Instead, we support an open and equitable ecosystem where true ownership reigns supreme.

Metafury Gaming

Metafury team will launch its advanced Gaming platform to discover the power of true ownership with Metafury gaming NFTs Gears, which helps to unlock exclusive rewards and build immersive experiences in Metafury future verse.

Metafury Forexverse

$FuryX, the fuel of the Forexverse

The native currency of the crypto & forexverse is FuryX token. All transactions on metafury Ecosystem will be done through FuryX token which will help making Metafury forexverse DAO ecosystem more powerful.

FuryX Launch Price
Community Approach
April 2024
Launch date
Forexverse token
The Metafury Forexverse

Use of FuryX in Forexverse

The Metafury decentralized autonomous organization is merging forexverse with an advance AI forex bot using the AI trading protocol Whatever you will use the AI trading protocol that will be used with the FuryX token. Invest in the Metafury Forexverse platform and experience true freedom.

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Metafury is the world’s leading digital crypto & forexverse trading company, registered in Luxemburg & the United Kingdom. Metafury is also world’s largest provider of financial markets data and infrastructure for decades that cover everything from pre-trade analytics & analysis. Within the Metafury future verse ecosystem, we provide information, & insights, with the combination of Cryptoverse & forex verse technology that enable customers to execute critical investing, trading, and risk decisions with confidence. Metafury has developed an advanced multi-asset crypto & forex platform that is built on future verse collaboration for worldwide education: and it will help its community where users can connect, share, learn and earn more by combining a unique open platform with best-in-class data and expertise.

Metafury Futureverse

The Future of Crypto & Forexverse in FuryX?

We are integrating the crypto-verse, blockchain, and Forex verse platform to enhance forex business operations in the virtual world, where blockchain and crypto community also easy to work with forex business operations and create a new future with high profits in the real world. We also ensure they unleash their full potential with the help of Advance metaverse technology. We are also the pioneering team leading massive-scale crypto verse & forex verse within the metaverse industry merger.

FuryX Token

Launching In







Metafury is a virtual character that takes an idea from the S.H.I.E.L.D & Marvel Movies. Nick Fury’s character leads the Crypto & Forex ecosystem under the Metafury in the house to beat the world inflation and create the next generation financial world with the forex verse & crypto verse market using the strong deep activity role in the metaverse ecosystem. As Metafury is creating the next unarmed Cryptoverse & forex verse ecosystem to make the future more powerful. We also plan a rapid growth of the crypto-verse ecosystem & present new opportunities with the forex verse ecosystem.

Metafury Futureverse
Metafury Futureverse
Metafury Futureverse
Metafury Futureverse
Metafury Futureverse
Metafury Futureverse

See the Roadmap
of Metafury Forex Verse

Metafury creating so many exciting developments on the crypto & forex verse horizon, we at Metafury are committed to keeping our promises and remaining open and transparent about the future development process. To see what we’ve accomplished already and what’s coming up next, take a look at our Metafury Future Verse Roadmap below!

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